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God's Vision for Your Church


The writer of Proverbs proclaims, “Where there is not vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Another translation puts it this way, “Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint” (NIV). Vision, or revelation, comes from God. A church leader’s vision for his church comes from the Lord. We seek His will, and we desire to craft a vision for our church that is true to His Word and will. The vision you have for your church is God’s revelation to your church of what the church will become as you pursue His purposes in your community and your world.
Notice the consequences of having no vision: “People cast off restraint.” They have no purpose in their work. A lot of ministry may be accomplished, but it lacks focus and direction. Ministry activity without a clear destination results in confusion, frustration, and eventually despair that anything significant can be accomplished.

What is God’s vision for the church you serve? Many churches fail because they lose their vision. They lack clarity of purpose. They are simply going through the motions of church ministry without making progress toward significant accomplishments.

Allow me to offer a few ideas concerning vision:

Take the time required to develop a significant vision for your church. Pray for God’s direction, discover needs in your community that your church can help meet, and put in writing what your church believes about its direction in the future.

  • Develop a workable strategy for accomplishing the vision God gives you and your leadership team.
  • Share the vision with church members and ask them to make a commitment to fulfill the vision.
  • Consistently recast the vision. Rick Warren suggests that a church leader share the vision every four to six weeks. You can recast the vision in different ways, but you must keep the vision before your people.
  • Regularly evaluate your progress, and tweak the vision as circumstances and opportunities change.
  • Let vision direct your hiring of staff and recruitment of volunteer leaders.

If you would like some help in evaluating the vision you and your leadership team have for your church, contact me at about having a Vision Evaluation Workshop for your leadership team.
Jack Carver
Church Strengthening Strategist
Nashville Baptist Association

Ben Adkison