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Language Churches

Associational Emphasis Week

May 22-28 is Associational Emphasis Week. Each day this week the Nashville Baptist Association will be sharing a little bit of information about the various ministries we're involved in throughout our city and how you can pray for the continued expansion of Jesus' church in greater Nashville. 


Monday:  Language Churches

The world is in Nashville.

Did you know there are more than 300,000 people in Nashville whose native language is NOT English? These people represent more than 95 distinct people groups that speak more than 140 different languages. 

One of our top goals as an association is to be a catalyst in reaching the peoples of Nashville. At the last annual meeting, five new ethnic churches joined the NBA. This brings the total of number of language churches associating with the NBA to 37. 

We're seeking to promote new works among the people groups of Nashville by:

  • Helping language churches find spaces to gather.
  • Equipping the language churches to reach their people through evangelism and home groups.
  • Seeking to discover new pockets of people that have relocated to Nashville.
  • Equipping Anglo churches to discover and minister to the people groups who live around them.
  • Forming a Nolensville Immigrant Corridor Gathering to bring together the various churches and organizations ministering to the nations in Nashville.
  • Encouraging volunteers to work with our ethnic churches.


How you can pray:

  1. Pray that God would bless the efforts of all those seeking to minister to the peoples of Nashville.
  2. Pray that the NBA would continue to develop practical strategies for reaching people from other nations.
  3. Pray that God would send laborers into the harvest field.
  4. Pray that more churches might open their doors and allow language to meet in their facilities. 
Ben Adkison