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The Unreached

Associational Emphasis Week

May 22-28 is Associational Emphasis Week. Each day this week the Nashville Baptist Association will be sharing a little bit of information about the various ministries we're involved in throughout our city and how you can pray for the continued expansion of Jesus' church in greater Nashville. 


Sunday:  The Unreached

In Esther 4:14, Mordecai challenges Esther to take a life-threatening stand before the king for the Jews. Mordecai uses the phrase “For such a time as this.” We are living in Middle Tennessee at a unique time. One hundred people a day are moving into the Metro Nashville Area. Everything is changing — traffic flow, the skyline, and our communities.

In the Nashville City Report 2015, George Barna reports that only 20% of the people in Metro Nashville / Middle TN are deeply committed Christians. Only 39% of our population say they pray, read their Bible, and attend church weekly. We estimate that as many as 950,000 of our neighbors need to know Christ as their personal Savior.

We are in Nashville “For such a time as this.”


How You Can Pray:

  1. Pray that every church will be engaged in ministries to serve their community.
  2. Pray that God will show us ways to effectively reach our new neighbors.
  3. Pray that every church will set goals to be on mission in Nashville.
  4. Pray that God will bring revival to our NBA churches.
  5. Pray that our churches will have an outward focus more than an inward focus.
Ben Adkison