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Church Planter Report

Monthly Church Planter Report

Hello planters!

Please take the time to fill out this report at the end of every month. With this report, our intent is not to be legalistic, but rather to provide a layer of accountability for you, to track the progress of the church being planted, and to better understand how to pray and care for our planters.

We realize that every church is a little different, and some of these questions may seem odd in your context. If this is the case, please do your best to answer as honestly as possible.

Finally, please know that this report is confidential. Your answers will only be shared with the NBA staff and the Church Planting Team so that we can better pray for you and your church.

i.e. - April 2018
Planter's Name *
Planter's Name
Core Group or Worship Gathering
Community Groups / Small Groups / Missional Communities / Sunday School Classes / Etc.
These are new people who attended either your gathering or groups who potentially could join the church.