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Nashville is a great city, and recently it has become known as an “it” city. Here are a few reasons, why everyone loves Nashville:

  • The greater Nashville area is currently home to over 1.8 million people and according to census estimates, is growing by approximately 100 people per day. 

  • Nashville is a diverse city. According to research conducted by Lewis McMullen and the Nashville Baptist Association, Nashville is home to at least 94 definable people groups.

  • The website, states that Nashville has the largest Kurdish population in the United States.

  • Nashville is home to important industries like healthcare, automobile production, and higher education. 

  • Nashville is a culture-making city. This is Music City, USA, and country, rock n’ roll, hip hop, and every other kind of music is written and recorded in Nashville. 

  • Nashville is also home to a burgeoning food and culinary scene, fashion scene, and home to many artisans, makers, and DIYers. 

Spiritually Speaking

Increasingly, Nashville is also a godless city. That might seem like a surprise to many. Nashville is the buckle of the Bible belt isn’t it? Yes! However many in our city have mistakenly exchanged the gospel of Jesus for empty religion. Approximately 75% of Nashville is not currently involved in any local church. While church attendance does not indicate the condition of a person’s soul, it can help us gauge the percentage of people who likely do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. If 75% is close to accurate (and we believe it is), then 1.35 million people in the greater Nashville area likely do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our Vision

We desire to see new churches planted throughout every community in Nashville. And we long to see struggling churches renewed, revitalized, and replanted in our city. Jesus was clear that He would build his church and the gates of hell would not overcome it. God is at work in Nashville, and we want to join him on his mission to make Jesus known to every man, woman, and child.


Planting Priority Areas

These areas are only approximate, and in many situations (or perhaps every situation) there are already faithful churches in these areas. However, there are not currently enough churches to keep up with the need. 

  • Antioch

  • Ashland City

  • Bellevue

  • Bordeaux

  • Charlotte Pike

  • Dickerson Pike

  • Donelson

  • Fairview

  • Gallatin

  • Goodletsville

  • Jefferson Street Corridor

  • Kingston Springs

  • LeVergne

  • Madison

  • Old Hickory

  • Portland

  • Skyline

  • Smyrna

  • South Franklin

  • Springfield

  • Wedgewood-Houston

  • White’s Creek Pike


Our Process


Next steps

Contact Dwayne Lewis to talk more about church planting in Nashville or to start the assessment process.


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