Lewis McMullen, Church Planter Strategist
Primary Responsibilities:
Facilitate and resource member churches in starting new congregations.
Assist member churches in area of ethnic and language work.
Previous Experience:
Church Planter Strategist, Suncoast Bapt Assn, Largo, FL
Church Planter Missionary, Catalina Bapt Assn, Tucson, AZ
Church Starter Strategist, South Carolina Baptist Convention
Pastoral Experience:
White Rock Baptist Church, White Rock, SC
Doctorate of Ministry, Reformed Theological Seminary
Master of Divinity, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest. NC
Bachelor of Arts, Stetson University
Ways I Can Assist Your Church:
 * Help identify unreached people groups in the community and surrounding areas
 * Help resource/assist in developing contextual church planting strategies
 * Enlist persons called by God to plant churches, assess them and resource them to fulfill that call
 * Assist with the planting and development of ethnic churches and their leadership
 * Conduct team and individual assessments using DISC Personality Profile
 * Conduct behavioral assessment and interviews for staff or potential staff
 * Conduct strategic planning
 * Conduct community demographic and psychographic studies
 * Serve as a ministry coach
 * Conduct staff/church stress management seminars
 * Conduct evangelism training:
       · One Day Witnessing Training
       · Evangelistic Block Parties
       · Conducting Community Surveys
* Clowning ministry training